J 7. Beef Tripe with Ginger & Green Onions

Steamed tender beef tripe with ginger, green onions and garlic

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J 8. Beef Balls

Steamed ground beef balls with a mixture of green onions and cilantro seasoning, placed on a bean curd sheet and served with Worcestershire sauce (3 per order)

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J13. BBQ Pork Buns

Steamed soft buns, with savory BBQ pork filling (3 per order)

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J 9. Bean Curd Rolls with Oyster Sauce

Bean curd sheet wrapped around ground pork, bamboo shoots, cilantro and green onions, covered  with oyster sauce, garlic sauce and steamed to ready (3 per order)

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J10. Spareribs with Black Bean Sauce

Steamed pork spareribs, covered in black bean and garlic sauce

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J 4. Pork Shiu Mai

Our signature steamed pork dumplings, with fresh shrimp and Chinese mushrooms filling (4 per order)

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